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Statue of Odin Paraguay Rune Mystery

Rune Mysteries Paraguay

Statue of Odin

Jaques Mahien, professor at the University of Buenas Aries, Argentina wrote several books about the Runic Inscriptions of Pre-Columbus Paraguay.

Runic Inscriptions that were written in the 13th Century.

In 1974, Mahiel wrote that he had extensive evidence to prove that a Nomadic Tribe of "White Indians," in Paraguay, had Ancestors who were "White Aryans of the Nordic Race." Near Cerio Plilla he found Runes and Giant statue of Odin.

At Guazu, Paraguay, he found 31 Runic messages at the site of a Viking temple. These Artifacts can be traced to the year 967.

Rune Mysteries Peru

Professor Helmut Zettc of Vienna, believes that the Inca royalty was largely Vikings.

Zettc has a lot of evidence to prove his theory. In the Chririmoto Village, Peru, half the population are blue eyed and blond. They ride Norse Fjord ponies. Their language, Quechua, has many words that can be traced to Old Norse.

There is a sharp contrast between the blond, blue eyed children of Norse descent and the darker complexion, black hair of the Peruvian Native.

It is on record that Pizarro asked who the white skinned, red heads were. The Inca's replied that they were the last descendants of the Viracohas, a divine race of white men with beards.

There is an immense conspiracy to smother historical facts pertaining to Viking artifacts. One well known archaeologist, boasted that he had opened and torn apart more than three thousand Viking Stone graves. These men and women are firmly entrenched. The reason for this furious defense of the status quo is “self preservation.” There is no market for millions of outdated erroneous texts, or discredited professors.

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