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Runic Epitahs in Virgina

Rune Mysteries Virginia

Runic Epitaph

Here are a few more Runic and Viking Keywords you can us to surf the web in search of "Hidden Viking History.!"

There is a Runic Epitaph cut into a rock on the Potomac River. It translates: "Here lies Syasi, The fair one of Western Iceland, the widow of Koldr, sister of Thorger, by her father, aged 25 year. May the Gods look after her.”

Alington Mallery, in the book "Lost America," lists a variety of Viking artifacts found in Virginia.

An iron boat rivet dug up at the junction of the Dan and Stanton Rivers is an exact duplicate of the boat rivets used in Viking Ships. There were also several round clinch nails made by Vikings that were unearthed, as well as stone tools, arrowheads and spear heads that were found. Mallery sent tons of exhibits of Viking artifacts to the Smithsonian, that were lost forever.

Rune Mysteries West Virginia

There is a large mound near the city called "Moundsville" that contained a variety of artifacts.

The Grave Creek tablet has inscriptions dating back to A.D. 1000-1050. The translation of the tablet reads: "I knelt on the Island Yule site on Meadow Island. Now the Island is a sanctuary where Holy things are hoarded.”

Rune Mysteries Wisconsin

Southwest of Dells is a Viking mooring stone on the shore of a dried up lake, near a creek which empties into the Wisconsin River.

Northeast of Reedsburg a 12 inch stone head was found. It is very similar to the mysterious heads found on Easter Island. Which was a Viking habitation.

Several Norse type arms and spear heads were found near the town of Whitehall.

Warning: Surf the net to find out all the information and photos of Viking artifacts. Then make Hard copies and bind them into books. It is very easy for this valuable Viking History to be deleted and lost from the net forever. Save our Viking Heritage for your children and grand children.

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