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Rune Mystereies in Manhattan A.D. 1010

Rune Mysteries Manhattan
Legend of Corn Hair

Reider Serwin, who wrote "The Viking Red Man" traced more than 1,000 words in the Mohawk, Iroquois and Algonquin language to old Norse. Long before the Dutch infused their language on the Indians.
The Dutch only arrived in 1626 ti buy the Island of Manhattan for approximately $24.00!

The Legend of Corn Hair

When Henry Hudson, in September 1609, sailed north he encountered a peaceful tribe know to History as the "Stockbridge Indians."

The Dutch built a profitable trade with the Indians using watered rum in return for beaver pelts. One of the traders was Jacob Van Mord. He recorded some of the legends of the Indians.

He was especially interested in the tale of Warriors in Long Boats an old Indian legend. The fiercest of whom was their leader called "Corn Hair," by the Indians.

In 1743, when the Dutch tried to convert the tribe to Christianity, they refused. He reported to his superiors that the Pagan beliefs of the tribe, which was called the "Tribe of the Long Boat" were still very strong. They were afraid that the Vikings would return again and punish them if they left the Norse Pagan Gods for Christianity.

Little is know about the fierce Viking Warriors who so impressed the Indians. Only a few Rune Mysteries were found on the rocks, but no official authorities have tried to look into the rock inscriptions to find the true source of the Legends. But you can on the Net. I am leaving you good key words so you can do your own research.

Rune Mysteries New Jersey

In Pemberton, New Jersey, an inscribed stone axehead was found. A literal translation of the runes found on it would be "The Swedes took out Charter." Again there was no investigation.

Rune Mysteries Rhode Island

Rhode Island has a tower in Newport that has been the object of controversy for years. The official finding from the politically correct is that it is a flour mill.

But the Runic Inscription and the fact that it resembles no other structure in America, but resemble structures in Norway, lends proof that it is probably a small fortress lighthouse built by the Vikings.

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