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Irminsul Hidden Viking History Part 10

The Volute or Sacred Irminsul

It is interesting to learn how cultural forms such as the Volute or The Sacred Irminsul survives over the millenium.

The ritual of capturing a sacred bull and it's sacrifice by the king, on top of a pillar, which was shaped like a Volute or Irminsul (a spiral shaped edifice) is one such cultural reminder of our ancestors.

Two gold drinking cups found in 1888 near Sparta depict this sacrifice. The Spartans were the direct descendants of the North-Sea Peoples (see Atlantis of the North by Jurgen Spannuth) who raided Peloponnese about 1200 BC.

The dedicated Bull was sacrificed 'over the top' of the spiral pillar, on the Volute. The Volute was shaped like two outstretched arms.

A Philistine bowl, dated 1160 BC, shows the wide outspread arms of the Volute, very similar to Irminsul. Very similar bowls were found in Cyprus, a place also visited by our Viking Ancestors, the North Sea Peoples. The Philistines were known as the 'Pillar People.'

Charlemagne, the Christian scourge of our Viking Ancestors, captured Eresberg, reached the Irminsul and destroyed the sacred pagan shrine.

Our Angel-Saxon ancestors, then went into the dense woods by streams and erected wooden blocks of great size. They worshiped under the open sky. They called the Great Wooden Block, Irminsul, the All-Pillar, that holds up the Universe. Irmin means Powerful. Their highest God at that time was called Irmin.

Charlemagne slaughtered 30,000 Saxons who would not convert to Christianity.

For thousands of year the Volute, Irminsul retained it's original meaning.

The Royal Lily of France, the Fleur de Li, Flower of Death, evolved out of the old Irminsul. The Irminsul was a symbol of the North, our North Sea Peoples.

The Irminsul Pillars became known in the South due to the Amber trade. An ancient Egyptian Text speaks of 'The Pillars of Heaven that stand in the North.' Ramses III spoke of the North Sea peoples who come from the 'Pillars of Heaven.'

The Greeks called Atlas, the Heaven Bearer. Euripedes said Atlas stands holding up the Universe in the land of Amber, near the Amber River, Eridanus (Eider) .

Scymnus wrote that at the farthest limit of the lands of the Celts stands the Nothern Pillar. The North Frisian area.

Hecataeus tells us that the holy place of the Hyperboreans (our Viking ancestors) lay in a region beyond the land of the Celts on the Island in the Ocean (Atlantis). Ancient writers did not distingush between Nordic, Germanic or Celtic peoples.

In Ancient Greece the Northern Pillars were known as the 'Pillars of Hercules." This is because Atlas gave Hercules, the hero, the Heavens to hold.

Modern day scholars say that the Pillars of Hercules are in the Straits of Gibralter.This is another attempt at wiping out the true history of our Viking ancestors.

Apollodorus of Athens said that the Pillars that Atlas gave Hercules to hold, were in the NORTH.

Tacitus's 'Germania' said he ventured into the Northern Ocean where the Pillars of Hercules were in the far NORTH. The Pillars of Hercules are not natural rocks or mountains as the modern day destroyers would have us believe. They were man-made sacred Pillars.

In the Eddas the Heaven-Pillar is also called the World - Tree or the World-Ash. The Aesir have their seats and give their judgements at the foot of the Great Tree.

Once again we see the how our viking ancestors traveled the world spreading culture and religion. Once again we see how the powers to be try to cover it up.

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