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Hidden Viking History Vikings in North Africa

Hidden Viking History
Vikings in North Africa

There is a great deal of archaeological facts and written texts, from Ramses III onwards, that show that there was an association between the North Sea Peoples (our ancestors) and North Africa.

In North Africa tombs, stone circles, menhirs and burial rites are very similar to the Northern culture. Rock pictures in North Africa are identical with those of the North.

In both the North and Northern Africa figures with rayed and horned helms, swastikas, sun symols, spirals, runes, 'Troy Towns' and cup markings are scratched or engraved on the rocks.

The folk-tales of the Berbers tell of the people from the North. Skulls and skeletons found in tombs are from the Cro-Magnon race. The Tamahn, who built great monuments in North Africa, are shown in the Egyptian wall paintings as fair and blue-eyed. A Viking ship is also depicted.

The war chariots of the Libyans in North Africa are the same as the pictures on the tomb at Kiuak, Sweden. The chariots were different from the ones used by the Egyptians.

The archaeologist D. Wolfel, speaks of an intimate connection between the peoples of white Africa, the Tamahn and Libyans and the peoples of the North.

Ramses III speaks of this confederation, and says that the North Sea peoples were the leaders.

The French researchers who studied the North African monuments concluded the Northern wanderers stayed for several centuries in North Africa.

The Tamahn (blonde hair, blue-eyed) appear in Egyptian texts about 2400 BC. They are form the population - wave migration of Nordic, European peoples.

The close connection between the Tamahn, the Libyans and the North Sea peoples is strengthened by the fact that these white Nordic people, worshiped Atlas and Poseidon.

These Nordic people immigrated to the Canary Islands also. These islands were the outposts of an early high culture. Large city-like settlements have been discovered. Engravings of Scandinavian Ships.The Peoples of the Canaries worshiped a God of the World-Pillar. 'The God Who Holds the Heavens.!' "Atlas!"

Skulls and skeletons found here are also fom the Cro-magnon race. The later Spanish discoveries of the Canary Islands described the inhabitants as white-skinned, blonde with blue eyes. In about 1200 BC Grand Canary Island was devastated by a disasterous volcanic eruption. The Canaries, like the lands of 'White Africa' belong to the community of Northern Sea peoples.

There was a close cultural connection between Scandinavia, Southern Spain, Brittany, the British Isles, the Canary Islands and 'White Africa.'

I wonder what we would find from archaeological digs in Australia, Borneo and New Zealand. Did our Viking ancestors travel throughout the whole world in pre-historic times?
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Masters Of Rock said...

you have the right data yeah but the fact that vikings traveled to north africa cant be true cuz north africa was inhabitated by Amazigh around 4000 BC ( that's waaaaay back before old egypt civilization) and another fact that old egypt civilization was made by libyens

jorge gonzalez-larramendi said...

masters of rockhead:
nordic peoples aall over the norht of 'africa'
christian 'vandal' vikings - lkely descendant killed in the 700 - 800s ad by: the arabian muslim invasions: killl kill rape rape

vikings worked for East Christian remnant of Roman Christians

some sailed the European rivers: some sailed Hercules' Pass

jorge gonzalez-larramendi said...

oops: some came through Iberia :) friendly celtic country:
you didn't know that either..
get wikipedia and google

Prof Mwafrika Mkenya said...

White Africa? In ancient times there was nothing like white Africans..All indiginous North Africans were Black.The evidence is in the sculptures and rock paintings of the sahara.Including the black mummy of Libya.The oldest mummy in Africa. The current Caucasian North Africans are descendants of Southern European slaves from Andalusia and Grenada who were brought over by the black Tuareg Moors and Zenega Berbers who were chased from Spain after RECONQUISTA. Later more Caucasian slaves were brought, the slavs and Mamlukes by the Turks.The prominence of the Mamlukes resulted to the original black Berbers of Maghreb and Libya migrating towards the Sahel.

Marisa Garcia said...

I live in the Canary Islands and totally didn't knew that vikings were here a long long time ago! I found this super interesting, I wish there were more articles about it!

Oxyntas Buyghes said...

Right ! I'm Amazigh

Oxyntas Buyghes said...

You're wrong totally wrong

Oxyntas Buyghes said...

I have articles from ancient writings : juba the king, Phoenician, Greeks romans and Amazigh writers also. Can we talk on Facebook? Thanks