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Hidden Viking History Phaeton Catrastophes of 1300 BC

Phaeton - Natural Catastrophes of 1300 BC

One of the main reasons the conquests and explorations of the North Sea Peoples got buried in antiquity was due to the great cataclysms that occured in 1300 BC.

The Greek and Roman authors presented the climatic alterations in their telling of the story of Phaeton.

Phaeton, was the son of the Sun God. He talked his father into allowing him to drive his Chariot of the Sun.

Even though his father gave him detailed instructions on how to drive the course of the Sun Chariot, Phaeton's inexperienced hand allowed the horses to break out of their normal track. They plunged to Earth. Terrible fires destroyed forests and cities alike.

Two major facts can be deduced from the cataclysms. Libya beacame a desert and the Nile dried up.

These are recorded in the Medinet Habu texts of Ramses III. Many ancient authors talk of a terrible 'comet' (Phaeton in the Sun chariot) which crashed to Earth. This was like a fiery Sun destroying all in it's path. Lakes sunk, shores dried out.

The Egyptian priests who told the Atlantis narative (invasion of the North Sea Peoples) said that the story of Phaeton was a mythical version of the truth.

These catastrophes set the peoples of Northern Europe in motion. The North Sea Peoples sailed out. The Medinet Habu texts say that the home of the North Sea Peoples, the Atlanteans, our Viking ancestors, had their forests and fields burned with fire.

In Asia Minor all the towns and villages were burnt. Palaces and settlements on Crete and the Greek mainland were destroyed by fire. In Macedonia, in what is today Hungary, and in central Germany, villages and fortified camps were destroyed by fire. The forests of Europe burned. Evidence in the bogs of Holland, North Germany and Scandinavia all point to terrible fires that raged over 3000 years ago.

Many modern day astronomers feel that the comet called Phaeton, identical with Halleys's comet passed close to Earth causing these fires.

The Atlantis narrative states "...There were earthquakes, and floods, all the fighting men were swallowed up by the Earth (North Sea peoples) and the Island of Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea."

The results of the catastrophes make them some of the most devastating in the history of the world.

All evidence of the explorations and settlements of the Norse Sea Peoples (our Viking ancestors) was lost.

The Medinet Habu texts of ancient Egypt tell the story of North Sea Warriors (Vikings) who were taken prisoner. They said "Our lands were uprooted and carried away.....The might of the ocean broke forth and fell in a great wave on our villages and towns..."

The great natural catastrophes of 1300 BC including fires, drought, volcanic eruptions, floods, and tsunamis which destroyed a great part of the known world.

All traces of the North Sea peoples settlements were destroyed. The home of our Viking ancestors, Atlantis, was destroyed.

But slowly and surely archeological artifacts of the truth about our ancestors is coming to the surface.

Be patient the truth will be known!

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