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Viking Explorations for Norse Student Part 2

For The Norse Student Part 2

Who were the Norsemen?

The Norsemen were the descendants of a branch of the Teutonic Race that may have migrated from Asia.

They settled down first in what is known as Norway. Their language was old Norse. It is still spoken in Iceland.

Old Norse language became the modern Norse, Danish and Swedish languages.

The ancient Norsemen were bold, independent and free! Their rulers were elected by the people in assembled conventions.

The assembly called "The Thing" is the forerunner of a modern judicial procedures.

Their daring adventures made them known in every part of the civilized world. They were daring warriors and accurate navigators. With their conquests they planted colonies all along the European shores.

They subdued a large portion of England. They wrested the farthest province in France, Normandy was taken from the French. The conquered a considerable portion of Belgium.

Robert Guiscard (Look up on the net) and the Vikings made themselves masters of Sicily and lower Italy in the eleventh century.

During the Crusades thy led the Van of European chivalry into Antioch under Guiscard's son, Bohemund.

They sailed between the Pillars of Hercules and penetrated the walls of Constantinople with their two-edged Battle axes.

The served as officers of the Greek emperor's body guard. They carved their mystic runes upon the marble lion in the harbor of Athens after conquering the city.

The old Norse Vikings sailed up the rivers Rhine, Schelde, Seine and Lore.

The rulers of England are descendants of the Norsemen. Ganger Rolf know as Rolo is the son of Ragnvald Morejarl, invaded France and took possesion of Normandy in 912.

William the Conqueror, a great - grandson of Ganger Rolf conquered England in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings.

He defeated members of his own race who lived in Northumbria and drove them into the lowlands of Scotland where they persevered.

Many of the great kings, queens and royalty of England have the blood of the Vikings racing through their veins.

Again, I only touch on these forefathers, leaving you to do your follow up research. Just type the names and places into the search engines and enjoy some of the hidden history of our race.

And remember it is all still written in the indelible files of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). Go to my websites and download free some of the meditation exercises you will find there. There is no information past, present or in the future that you cannot know if you have the right key.

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