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Vikings Invade Egypt in 1200 BC

Hidden History
Egypt Invaded by the
North Sea Peoples 1200 BC

Again and again, as we dig into the history of Norther Europeans, (Nordic and Germanic,) we find cover ups and mis-information.

In 570 BC, Solon, one of the wisest men of Athens, brought back from Egypt an ancient Egyptian temple inscriptions and papyrus texts.

Solon had resided in Egypt for ten years. During his stay, he became very interested in the story that the Egyptian priests told, called the Atlantis Narrative.

It told of the heroic stand Athens had made against the armies of Atlantis, which was situated in the North Sea, (Scandinavia and Germany.)

The Egyptian priests told Solon the story which he then copied down. They also showed him the hieroglyphic writings and temple carvings which in turn showed the War of the North Sea Peoples.

The epic fight between Atlantis (North Sea Peoples) and Athens was passed down in Critias, the elder, Socrates and finally Plato. Plato wrote about Atlantis in his dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.

Were the North Sea Peoples, the ones known as the Atlanteans in 1200 BC?

The texts and temple carvings say "yes!"

Why do we not know about this today? There is a good explanation. They were all translated by modern scholars to mask the true identity of the North Sea Peoples of 1200 BC.

The capital city of Atlantis (home of the North Sea people) lay on an island, in the estuary of great rivers. It had three harbors and was swallowed up by the sea and vanished.

The North Sea peoples (Atlanteans) were notable seafarers with a fleet of 1200 war ships.

They invaded and conquered all the Greek states except Athens.

The story of the invasion of the North Sea Peoples told Solon by the Egyptian priests states that they were repulsed from conquering Egypt by King Ramses III (1200 -1168).

During the 'Dark Ages' after 1200 BC, there was no writing in Greece. There was only the Egyptian priests recorded history.

The Aegean culture was destroyed and mixed with the North Sea People.

The North Sea People broke like a hurricane on the Mediterranean Lands using their iron weapons.

The Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions and papyrus texts (1220 BC) tell of the invasions of the North Sea People.

The Palace-Temple of Ramses III, at Medinet Habu shows the mural reliefs.

On the walls of the palace and the Temple of Ramses III (1200 BC) are his achievements in battle.

American Egyptologists J.H. Breasted, W.F. Edgerton and J. Wilson wrote 12 volumes on the mural reliefs of Ramses III.

On the walls of the ancient temple, you can see the hordes of the North in battle with Ramses Sherdan Mercenaries.It depicts the first great battle on salt water.

When you study the reliefs, you will see that the armour, clothing, weapons and equipment are those of the Northern People.

The German Egyptologist F. Bilabel (1927) called these documents, "texts of the greatest historical value!"

Why were these findings hidden away? Why do we not hear anything about them today?

In addition to the Medinet Habu Texts and murals there is a report on the reign of Ramses III, called the 'Harris Papyrus.'

The 'Go Lenischeff Papyrus' tells about he erection of a fortress to block the advance of the North Sea Peoples (1250 BC).

There is available a large body of inscriptions, mural reliefs and papyrus texts dating from 1200 BC to which the events of the Atlantean (North Sea Peoples) story has been told.

There is a mural of captive North Sea warriors in chains (Medirct Habu, 2nd courtyard)

A mural in the same place showed two North men with horned helmets on board a Northern ship.

A third, dying North Sea warrior was shown with a 'rayed crown!"

In the left courtyard, a mural of Ramses III, is shown leading captured North Sea people before the God No-Amun of Thebes.

Why are there no books about this? Why are there no TV shows? Why are there no "Discovery" or "History Channel" specials about this subject? Why are there no accurate, historical representations of this in the movies such as "Gladiator", or "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire", or "The Iliad and Odyssey"? Could it be because this subject is not politically correct, and not an idea the establishment wants to promote?

My eyes were opened to this discovery after reading "Atlantis of the North," by Jurgen Spanuth, Library of Atlantis, PO Box 1210, Pahrump, NV 89041

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Vishvesh said...

I've been reading about the Vikings invading Egypt and absolutely fascinated by it. In the same breath I am also shocked at the lack of coverage of this topic. The spread of Christianity killed a lot of pagan religions across the world, the Norse included. Odin, Thor and Loki ended up being comic book characters. The Vikings were a great people and it is sad to see that they still do not get their due...please keep us updated on your research. Planning to go to Egypt to see the murals for myself...

Mr. Bighead said...

What I find interesting is that I am writing a brief history of my ancestry from the tribe of Judah by way of Zarah/Zeus and Dara/Dardanus and I am discovering a link between the Vikings and the Egyptians.

Looking at the drawings of the Viking long boats and the Egyptian solar barques, there is an unmistakable connection between the two. What I find even more interesting is the possibility that Jeremiah the prophet and king Zedekiah's daughter Tamar were in Egypt at the same time that an ancestor of mine called Sceaf, the same Sceaf that is the ancestor of Odin, the supposed chief Viking deity.

You are right somewhat Vishvesh, that those operating under the name of Christianity have intentionally bludgeoned and mutilated the histories of the peoples that were conquered and forcibly converted to Christianity (something my Lord Jesus does not approve of.) I have even been able to prove that Beowulf was a real live person who lived about 250 BC by my figuring.

Dr. Christopher Johnsen MS DC said...

Atlantis of the North is great. If you can find it, a great book on the same subject is The Norse Pharoahs by Andis Kaulins - now out of print but available in many libraries. His Stars, Stones & Scholars is also great.

Steve A. Ray said...

say, I thought the viking culture was 800-1000 ad...not earlier in 1200 bc as you stated.

WHat's up?


Ifthecrownfits said...

Please take this book with a massive pinch of salt! So I studied the ancient near east and most scholars do not believe the sea peoples were vikings, based on a lot of very good and genuine evidence (both literary and archaeological). Te theory is based on modern assumptions about what the vikings had and what other cultures did not, which are inaugurate. Despite most peoples assumptions, long boats existed among other sea fairing peoples in this region, such as the Canaanites (later known as Phoenicians). The main reason scholars suggested these were vikings in the past was due to the horned helms. However, if you speak with any viking historian or archaeologist worth their salt, they will tell you the horned helms are also a modern myth, created during operatic performances that romanticised the feature etc. They were mainly symbolic and worn ritualistically - mainly gods are depicted with them (near eastern gods also wore horned helms - see images of storm Ba'al/Hadad/Adad etc). Anyway, there is no evidence these were ever worn in battle, so the horned visitors could not have been them. Also, there is no reason for modern scholars to cover up an invasion by vikings - what would be the point? If they could prove it through texts, it would give them academic fame and notoriety as an amazing discovery (as it has by this author who is not actually a real specialist at all but exploiting most people's limited knowledge of the many cultures around at this time). I am sorry to say, you've been fed a very interesting story, but there is more evidence against, I'm afraid. Try reading translations and acknowledged specialists' more balanced view on the subject, that discuss all of the possibilities... The evidence leans more to the Paleset peoples as the sea peoples (mentioned as known raiders in many ancient Egyptian inscriptions). They are thought to have been translated as Philistines in the biblical texts, equating to the modern Palestinians, which is extremely interesting in itself, despite the lack of a viking presence!

Ifthecrownfits said...

Sorry - a few spelling mistakes there as writing quickly whilst multi-tasking! :P

Unknown said...

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