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Vikings Discover America Not Columbus

Vikings Discover America -
(Not Columbus)

Did the curators at the Smithsonian, who denounce a lot of our pre-Columbian artifacts ever read the following books or know the following people?

In 1874, Aaron Goodrich wrote the book, "A History of the Character and Achievements of the So - Called Christopher Columbus." He debunks Columbus and says the Norse discovered the continent of North America.

In 1875, the following books were published: "The Island Of Fire," by P.C.Headley. In this book he clearly states that the Norse discovered America.

"Young Folks, History of the United States," by Thomas Wentworth Higginson shows, yet again, that the Norse discovered America.

"A Grammar School History of The United States," by John J. Anderson reads that the Norse discovered America.

In July 1875, the congress International Des Americanistes was held. The sole purpose of this Society was to thoroughly investigate the pre-Columbian history of the North American continent. Those assembled in Nancy in 1875, fully recognized the claims that the Norse discovered America.

The Norse claims are also vindicated in the works of Baynard Taylor's, "Egypt and Iceland," Caton's "Summer in Norway." Griffin's "My Danish Days;" and John S.C. Abbots's "Christopher Columbus.

In 1876, the following books were published:
An American in Iceland," by Samuel Kneeland, the Norse discovered America.

"America Discovered, by the Welsh," by Benjamin F. Bowen. The Norse discovered America.

"A History of the United States of America From Aboriginal Times to the Present Day;" By John Clark Ridpath. The Norse discovered America.

"A Popular History of the United States," by William Cullen Bryant.

All these writers freely admitted that the Norsemen, as well as many others, discovered and explored and settled in parts of America long before Columbus.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Have you noticed that the old books of Greek and Roman Colonisation are still available in many of the libraries.

I offer you a challenge, to go to your public library and find any of the books mentioned above. Or try to find any decent book written before 1900 on any Viking history.

Why is this? Why has the culture and mythologies of the Northern European People been destroyed in our schools, museums and the Smithsonian. Why has it been replaced with untrue, pre-fabricated propaganda, posing as "history!"

Who or what is doing this? If you find out, let me know?

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